Formation continue du Programme d’ergothérapie – Promoting Action over inertia: An occupational therapy intervention to enable the recovery of meaningful activities for people with serious mental illness

Date : 7 Décembre 2017
Heure : 8h30 à 16h30
Lieu : Pavillon 7077 avenue du Parc
Adresse : 7077 avenue du Parc, Local 405-5 - 4e étage, Montréal, Qc H3N 1X7
Prix : 265 $

Presenter : Terry Krupa, Ph.D.

This workshop will introduce participants to an intervention workbook which focuses on improving the full participation of persons with serious mental illness in occupations that are associated with health and well-being in the community. The intervention approach uses an occupational perspective, understanding that the disengagement from activities experienced by people with serious mental illnesses is complex and is sustained by multiple factors.

The workbook was created by occupational therapists, for occupational therapists and other service providers interested in addressing this disengagement from activities.  The workshop will review the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the intervention and provide training in the key practice elements of the intervention approach. It will also include a discussion of growing research evidence supporting the intervention approach and related new intervention developments.  The workshop will encourage participants to discuss the potential applications of the intervention in their own practice and consider how it might be used to develop an evidence-base for occupational therapy.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • Review the theoretical and conceptual foundations
  • Apply key practice elements of the intervention
  • Consider potential future applications of the approach