Professional master’s degree for occupational therapists

This professional master’s program in occupational therapy is designed for practising occupational therapists. It is meant to deepen and integrate knowledge as well as to further the development of attitudes and competencies relating to the requirements of the practice and to current and future professional responsibilities.

With this perspective, the student will be prompted to:

  • deepen his or her knowledge of the theories and concepts underlying the practice of occupational therapy;
  • analyze challenges encountered in occupational therapy in a multidimensional way by considering the complexity of the interaction between the person, their occupations and their environment;
  • apply the concepts of efficiency, effectiveness and cost-benefit to occupational therapy assessments and interventions;
  • develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to support evidence-based practice;
  • analyze ethical issues relating to the practice of occupational therapy; and
  • acquire a higher level of competence in one or more specific field(s) of occupational therapy.

As the program aims at fostering constructive self-criticism, self-education and greater professional autonomy, teaching methods such as seminars, case studies and problem-based learning are favoured. The use of new information and communication technologies will be put forth since they allow for enough flexibility to adapt the training to the professional obligations of our clinician students.