Specialized graduate certificate (DESS in french) for occupational therapists

This DESS is a 30-credit program that offers therapists the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge in occupational therapy and develop professional competencies specific to a certain approach or field of occupational therapy. The DESS can both serve as a final degree or constitute one of several steps leading to a master’s degree.

Admission requirements

The holder of a Bachelor of Science diploma in occupational therapy or its equivalent who has at least one year of work experience as an occupational therapist (in full-time equivalent) can be admitted to this program on the basis of a recommendation from the admissions committee. He or she must then submit an application for admission and a cover letter. An interview mayalso be required.

To be eligible to register as a regular student in the DESS, the candidate must:

  • meet all general eligibility requirements (section XI) of the graduate and postdoctoral studies pedagogical rules and regulations ;
  • have completed a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy or its equivalent;
  • have obtained a grade point average of at least 3,0 out of 4,3 or the equivalent at the end of his or her undergraduate studies;
  • have worked as an occupational therapist for at least one year (in full-time equivalent);
  • show sufficient proficiency in both French and English.

A good knowledge of statistics is essential; a supporting course can be required as a precondition for admission if considered necessary by the admissions committee.