Occupational therapy training

The continuum of education bachelor’s-master’s in occupational therapy train students to become occupational therapists that are generalists and concerned with meeting the needs of a diverse clientele by valuing the benefits of occupation and environments that are favourable to the individual’s health. The program offers opportunities to learn and apply competencies to individuals that are fully responsible of their own development and capable of being socially engaged and this, throughout the entirety of their career. The clinical training offered in this program prioritizes the consolidation of essential knowledge through the practice of professional competencies in an interdisciplinary clinical context.

Several training programs are also offered for practising occupational therapists who wish to perfect their knowledge:

  • The professional master’s degree in occupational therapy is intended for practising occupational therapists. It is meant to deepen and integrate knowledge as well as to further the development of attitudes and competencies relating to the requirements of the practice and to current and future professional responsibilities.
  • The DESS in occupational therapy offers therapists the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge in occupational therapy and to develop professional competencies specific to a certain approach or field of occupational therapy. The DESS can both serve as a final degree or constitute one of several steps leading to a master’s diploma.
  • The graduate short program in occupational therapy is an opportunity to receive a progressive training that can facilitate the access to graduate studies for professionals eager to improve their practice. For others, this program will constitute a final degree and will serve to update their knowledge.
  • The continuing education program in occupational therapy is intended for preceptors and practising occupational therapists who wish to perfect their knowledge in the field of occupational therapy.