Clinical Placements

Our Bachelor-Master’s continuum program comprises five clinical placements in order to develop the clinical and professional competencies of a future physiotherapist.

The School of Rehabilitation collaborates with over 100 clinical sites for their placements. During each placement, the student is supervised by clinical preceptors, who are experienced clinicians.

During the clinical placements, the student is initiated to diverse physiotherapy practises with a clientele of all ages in an interdisciplinary context. The student must complete these placements in the fields of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. Our students can choose from different sites among hospital centres, rehabilitation centres, local community centres (CLSC in french), long-term care facilities, schools for handicapped children and private clinics within the province or one of the hospital centres in New-Brunswick. The final placements can be completed in another Canadian province if a site is affiliated with another physiotherapy program.