Rehabilitation science

n September 2010, we introduced two new graduate research programs in Rehabilitation Science. The research based Master’s (M.Sc.) and Doctorat (Ph.D.) programs in Rehabilitation Science are designed for clinicians with an undergraduate or clinical masters degree in occupational or physical therapy or other related field, who would like to expand their knowledge and experience by pursuing a research career in the field of health and rehabilitation.

The field of Rehabilitation Science includes but is not limited to musculoskeletal, neurological and psycho-social disorders, their impact on the interaction between the person and his/her environment and the establishment of treatment interventions to optimize all functions necessary for the performance of activities and social roles. The body of knowledge in Rehabilitation Science underlying the practice of occupational and physical therapy includes :

  • Normal human development;
  • Limitations of human function and their related factors;
  • Strategies to maximize human function;
  • Adaptation of the environment in accordance with the person’s functional limitations;
  • Prevention of disorders leading to functional limitations;
  • Provision of rehabilitation services.

Studies in Rehabilitation Science use qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodological approaches to meet the goals of fundamental and applied (clinical and epidemiological) research.