Ph.D. rehabilitation science


The doctoral program is designed to train students to be independent researchers in the field of rehabilitation science. At the end of their training, our students are able to assume leadership roles in rehabilitation science research in a wide range of academic and clinical settings as well as in the health system.


The doctoral program includes a total of 90 credits which are distributed as follows:

  • required course (3 cr.) ;
  • optional courses (minimum 3cr.) and electives for a total of 9 cr. ;
  • research project and thesis (78 credits).

Comprehensive Doctoral exam

The candidate must undergo a comprehensive examination with a written and an oral test, no later than by the end of the sixth semester. This examination is held before a jury. The candidate must demonstrate a good knowledge of his/her field of study and a thorough knowledge of the research subject under study. The jury declares whether the candidate has passed or failed the exam. The jury may decide to adjourn the examination, in which case, the applicant may retake the exam within a maximal delay of six months.