Johanne Filiatrault, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies in Rehabilitation Sciences and Associate Professor

Contact details (Research)
Research Center, Montreal University Geriatrics Institute
4565, chemin Queen-Mary
Montreal (Quebec) H3W 1W5
T 514 340-3540, ext. 4117

Contact details (School of Rehabilitation)
T 514 343-6111, ext. 0836
F 514 343-2105

Occupational Therapy


  • B.Sc. Occupational Therapy, Université de Montréal (1986)
  • M.Sc. Neurological Sciences, Université de Montréal (1991)
  • Ph.D. Public Health (health promotion), Université de Montréal (2008)
  • Postdoctoral training : Research Center on Aging, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke (2009)

Current research projects

  • Development of an interdisciplinary self-management program for seniors with chronic pain
  • Study of effectiveness and implementation process of a fall prevention program led by peers
  • A study of feasibility and exploration of effects of a new fall prevention program designed for older adults attending senior day care centers
  • A scoping review on the impact of intergenerational activities on senior’s health and well-being
  • Perspective of elders and youth who participated to an intergenerational program called Un vélo Une ville.
  • A study of factors associated with occupational and physical therapy students’ attitudes towards seniors and their interest in clinical practice among this population.

Selected publications

  • Lorthios-Guilledroit, A., Richard, L., & Filiatrault, J. (2018). Factors associated with the implementation of peer-led health promotion programs: a scoping review. Evaluation and Program Planning, 68, 19-33. doi : 1016/j.evalprogplan.2018.01.008
  • Fournier, B., Parisien, M., Filiatrault, J., Bier, N., Lorthios-Guilledroit, A., & Mathieu, M.-È. (2018). Development and implementation of a community-based pole walking program for older adults. Activities, Adaptation & Aging, 1-22. doi:10.1080/01924788.2018.1428471
  • Filiatrault, J., Parisien, M., Desrosiers, J., Lorthios-Guilledroit, A., Gauvin, L., & Richard, L. (2017). Vivre en Équilibre (Living in Balance) – A new group program targeting fear of falling and its consequences on older adults’ social participation, health and quality of life. OT Now, 19(4), 30.
  • Sirois, M., & Filiatrault, J. (2017). Maintenir son équilibre et éviter les chutes. Dans : Vieillir en santé : c’est possible! Montréal, Qc : Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal.
  • Filiatrault, J., Parisien, M., Sullivan, A., Richard, L., & Pinard, C. (2015). Prevention and health promotion in occupational therapy: From concepts to intervention. In I. Söderback (Ed.). International handbook of occupational therapy interventions. (2nd, pp. 837-848). New York, NY: Springer.
  • Lorthios-Guilledroit, A., Filiatrault, J., Parisien, M., Richard, L., Vérité-Aubry, C. (2015). L’éducation par les pairs pour promouvoir la santé des aînés. Revue francophone de gériatrie et de gérontologie, 22(214), 528-534.
  • Filiatrault, J., Demers, L., Parisien, M., Lorthios-Guilledroit, A., Kaegi, C., Ménard, I., . . . Saint-Laurent, C. (2014). Development and validation of a French Canadian version of the Falls Behavioral Scale (FaB). Disability and Rehabilitation, 36(21), 1798–1803. doi: 10.3109/09638288.2013.871073
  • Filiatrault, J., Belley, A.M., Laforest, S., Gauvin, L., Richard, L., Desrosiers, J., . . . Lorthios-Guilledroit, A. (2013). Fear of falling among seniors: A target to consider in occupational and physical therapy practice? Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 31(3), 197-213. doi:10.3109/02703181.2013.797951

Research Interests

  • Development and evaluation of preventive and health promotion interventions for the elderly
  • Program implementation
  • Fall prevention, fear of falling
  • Promoting social participation among seniors
  • Volunteerism, leisure, intergenerational activities, and seniors’ health
  • Occupational sciences
  • Agism